„Free space on the table desk and many connecting points“

Main Features of electric LAB system VertiGO:

Other Features of VertiGO:

  • Stable and solid structure (construction)

  • Modularity

  • Extensibility

  • Modern ergonomic design

  • Optional antistatic version

  • Ergonomic version

  • Spacious work area

  • Single-phase or three-phase power supply

  • Custom-made devices

  • Wide choice of accessories and supplements

  • Various table widths

  • Fixed shelf for devices 

  • Durable and high-quality materials

  • High-quality processing

Diametral VertiGO workbenches are primarily intended for industry for equipment production workshops, development workplaces or technical maintenance of operations with quality, durable, practical and also aesthetic furniture.

The base of the table construction is made of metal legs, in which the basic electrical equipment, circuit breakers and power supply circuits including single and three-phase sockets are located.

A massive table top beam with a load capacity of 150 kg is attached to the legs. The worktop is usually 1600 x 800 mm. However, its dimensions may be from 1200 mm to 2000 mm x 800 mm.


Table for research and developing


Safety first!

The module with a main circuit breaker, current protector, TOTAL STOP button and light indicators is always included in the electrical equipment.

The standard VertiGO line can be supplied with modules that can be customized to meet the specific customer needs. However, their production has to be consulted with the manufacturer in advance.

Power control of the table with switch, signalization and illuminated TOTAL STOP button.

Fuse and control modules are made up of circuit breakers, current protector and contactors.

For higher security the table can be added with a beacon indicating the power status of the table.

Table for research and developing


Construction of table:

The metal structure is provided with the powdered baked-on colour Comaxit and galvanized zinc. The worktop of the table is made of the resistant HPL or an antistatic 25 mm thick laminate with ergonomic front edge ended with post-forming with the outreach of 66 mm. At the top of the table there is a shelf for devices which is also made of HPL or an antistatic 25 mm thick laminate. The shelf can also be tilted. In that case the operator can select an optimal shelf angle for better legibility of device displays placed on the shelf. The edges of the shelves are made of 2 mm thick ABS plastic. The size of the worktop of the laboratory table is given by a specific set. The equipment at the legs of the table is always adjusted according to the specific needs of the user.


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