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The educational training table

Modular educational system for electrical engineering VarioCLICK λ is designed for teaching electrical installation work in house wiring, single-phase and three-phase installations including electric motors, electronic security and fire alarm systems, telephone wiring, data communication, measurement and regulation. The possibilities of application are practically inexhaustible, the limits are only the imagination of teachers when designing their own tasks and assemblies of electrical devices. The system is primarily designed for vocational schools of electrical engineering for practical exercises in the field of electrical circuits and measurement.

All electrical devices are supplied as modules, consisting of the device itself, mounted on a board with special locks to attach the module to the learning board without tools.

Description of the VarioClick λ structure

The base structure consists of metal legs with a cover with the hidden main power for a training desk. There is a massive workbench with a capacity of 150kg attached to the legs and there is also a desk with a depth of 600mm attached to the workbench. This particular depth was chosen to enable students to work easily with an educational panel. If necessary, a different size of worktops can be ordered. The educational panel is attached to the legs above the desk. The terminal board module is placed right at the top and contains a circuit breaker and a switch-on/off button. Power of this module is usually operated from the teacher´s area. Individual tables can be combined into an assembled chain of tables of arbitrary width. In this case there is always one leg used for two adjacent tables.

The educational training table

VarioClick λ 

The supporting part of the table is made of massive metal parts. The metal structure is coated) with the baked-on colour Comaxit and galvanized zinc. The worktop of the table is made of quality high pressure 25 mm thick laminate and with enhanced resistance against abrasion and burning of the top layer. The edges of the worktop are made of 2 mm thick ABS plastic. The size of the worktop of the laboratory table is given by a specific set.. Based on the request, the worktop can be supplied in an antistatic version.

The educational training table

VarioClick λ electric devices modules

Standard dimensions (hxwxd):




Power supply:


Available dimensions:

The height of stance legs:

The height of steel sheet:

The width of worktop (desk):

The depth of worktop (desk):

2000x1200x600 mm

grey / blue legs

  • a circuit breaker

  • a current protector 

  • Total STOP button

voltage pilot light

  • 3 x 230V/400V

  • 3 x 24V/42V

2000 mm

  • 300 mm

  • 600 mm

  • 900 mm

800 - 2000 mm

600 - 800 mm

Course of instruction

Students are responsible for various electrical devices to engage with each other according to order of teacher (for this purpose, pre-tasks). Selection of devices, their deployment on the bench and its own involvement is entirely up to the student. This leads students to autonomy and decision-making over the whole concept of job involvement. The educational system VarioClick Lambda is fundamentally different from other electronic kits and simulators, where pupils only connect pre-tasks or solve simple circuits on computer simulation. The educational panel is made up of steel sheet with a grid of holes 9x9mm and 19mm pitch. Into these holes, you can use special plastic locks VarioFIX ® easily mounted modules with different electrical equipment. It is not necessary to use nuts, bolts, screws and other complex methods of attachment. Thus saving the time required for both training and for dismantling tasks and students have more time for professional work. At the same time there was no wear or damage to the educational panel. The educational panel can be removed from the workbench very easily, again without the use of tools and can be saved in a closet even with an unfinished task on it. This allows students from different classes rotate in teaching without having to spread his unfinished task.


The educational training table

VarioClick λ

All electrical devices are supplied as modules, consisting of the device itself, attached to the steel sheet with special locks, which serve to attach the module to the educational panel without the use of tools.

List of tasks for electrical wiring

01 A bulb with a switch
02 A bulb with a switch in TN-C    
03 Single-phase socket 10 and 16A
04 Single-phase socket in the TN-C for 10 and 16A
05 Switchable single-phase socket 10 and 16A
06 A pair of lamps / chandelier with a double switch
07 Staircase switch with control of two points
08 Staircase switch with control from multiple locations
09 Three-phase socket with RCB and protector
10 Three-phase socket with a switch
11 Three-phase socket with circuit breaker in the TN-C
12 More from single-phase sockets connected boxes
13 More single-phase outlets continuously involved
14 Three-phase appliance with solid wired and switch 
15 Bulb and socket circuits across a current protector
16 Lamps connected via single phase contactor    


17 Lamps connected via single-phase timer
18 Lamps connected via timer 
19 Lighting control with motion sensors
20 Infinitely adjustable lighting with dimmers
21 Combined single-phase distribution
22 Solid-phase distribution with a switch and RCB
23 Connecting 3-phase motor star - triangle circuit
24 A simple home distributor (sockets, lights, switch)
25 A simple 3-phase rack (outlets and RCB)
26 Connect the meter and the main breaker
27 Assembly of fluorescent lamps
28 Simple supply (RCB, socket) with Fi protection
29 Flexible cords - extension cord, socket
30 Control 3 phase motor reversing
31 Remote switching devices via GSM and HDO


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