Our products in details

Workbenches and furniture for electrical laboratories, resarch and development for vocational schools and industry.

Tables for practical learning of electrical wiring, electronics, security telephony, renewable energy sources and programmable controllers

Universal electrical workbenches, suitable for development workplaces, repair shops and workplaces where flexibility is the primary requirement.

Tables with electrically height adjustable worktop for highly ergonomic and flexible workstations. The table legs have integrated electric drives and control unit.

VariWORK Classic and Economy workbenches
are designed for production or repair workplaces. They can also be used in schools.

Uno Volta
Educational panels for practical training of wiring electrical devices from socket and light circuits, through three-phase wiring and electric motors to control systems with PLC.

is designed for primary and secondary schools to carry out experiments and practical exercises with electricity. It contains AC and DC power supplies and separate panels with sockets in the benches.

Laboratory supplies
Wide range of own DC and AC laboratory power supplies including autotransformers and isolation transformers. All these devices are manufactured by Diametral.

Soldering stations
Powerful assistant for every expert in electronics. An important tool for every professional and amateur electronics is a quality micro soldering iron.

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